All of our best in class software applications are built with a single purpose in mind. To maximize your efforts while lowering costs and increasing your revenue.

Cloud Hosting

Fully integrate thumbnail and feed hosting into Nano Express for Apple (JS), Amazon Fire (XML) and Roku (JSON). This hosting does NOT include video hosting although that will be available in V2. Also available in V2 hosting will be live streaming, video hosting with unlimited bandwidth, social media streaming.


With a click of a button you can be on Television with our Nano Express application. Educate, inform and sell to your clients on television with no additional costs. There are NO COSTS in getting your program on television, your content, your message your way. Gone are the days that getting your content posted takes hours and cost a fortune.


Before you can convert website visitors into leads with our Live Lead Program you need website traffic. The traffic must be targeted for your product or service when the visitor is ready to buy today. We have created our own personalized SEO automation tool which we use to sky rocket targeted traffic to your site.


Top talent, best in class automation products and live customer support are just a few reasons to choose iRL.

Nano Express automates every step of posting to television stations like Roku, Amazon Fire and more.

We have taken a very complex manual process and automated the entire experience, then we solved marketing issues to drive ratings and traffic to the channels. What use to take 8-10 hours takes less then 30 minutes. Prior to Nano Express we were only able to maintain 5 channels and post 10 videos a day. Now we can post over 200 videos a day.

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Software Features

Start earning huge profits by putting local business people on television or promoting your own business on TV. Our automated software does ALL the work for you. Ask about our city franchise programs.

  • 100% dedicated to support, we offer LIVE communication with our company directly. In the off hours we offer email support.
  • Continual development of our products but unlike most companies we do not force updates to our products. Instead we outline the benefits of the update and let YOU decide.
  • Testing, Testing and Testing, we are constantly testing our platforms against growing trends and industry standards so our applications will always be cutting edge.
  • Customer led development. We build what our users want, when they want it as we continue to roll out updates to keep ahead of market trends.
  • Save money and time with our automation. Earn money 24/7 by automating leads, TV shows and even entire networks.
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Streaming & Live Lead

Our streaming application is a desktop application that automates Roku, Amazon, Vimeo, YouTube and in development Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation and more.

Our live lead program is a mobile app compatible with Android and Apple IOS.

Affordable Prices

All of our software applications are affordable, scalable, robust and fully supported by iRL.

  • Unlimited Shows & Channels
  • Earn Thousands Monthly
  • Unlimited Commercial Revenue
  • Promote Your Business
  • Customer Support 24/7

  • White Label Software
  • All The Features Of
  • Commercial & Select
  • Sell Software & Channels
  • Real Time Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked. If this doesn’t answer your questions contact us directly.

Nano Express Commercial
Nano Express Commercial license allows you to create unlimited television channels on Apple, Amazon Fire and Roku. Our software fully automates your ability to earn a substantial recurring income.
Nano Express Suite
Nano Express Suite is a complete white labeled business in a box. It includes our Commercial version as well as our Select version white labeled for your clients. This is the solution for individuals seeking to make a substantial revenue reselling channels without having to maintain channels for their clients. You receive one license for the Commercial version of our software so you can control all your channels. You also receive the white labeled Select version with unlimited licenses that you can allow YOUR clients to download to manage their own channel.
Build Your Business
Once you own Nano Express you will have full access to our members area for marketing, sales and application support. We help you every step of the way for NO additional cost.
Why Is Their An Apple TV Fee
You have two choices when it comes to getting your content on Apple. 1.) You can pay Apple $99.00 Yearly and become an Apple developer. In this case you would need to know how to code in the apple environment. 2.) Have a Certified Apple Developer build your application, certify the application and then submit it to Apple for approval. We have developed all the code needed in Nano Express to build the channel, however as a Certify Developer we have to certify each new channel and submit the channel to Apple for approval.